Healthcare & Dental Facilities

Healthcare facilities such as clinics, doctor’s offices, dental clinics, chiropractic centers, physiotherapy centers, sports medicine clinics, long-term care homes and more all have one thing in common: they require intensive medical cleaning services to ensure they meet all applicable standards of cleanliness. Clean facilities are critical for those in the healthcare industry in order to prevent the spread of infection and provide a safe, comfortable environment for patients, visitors and medical professionals alike. From waiting rooms to reception areas and treatment rooms, we can ensure all surfaces are effectively cleaned and disinfected for a healthy, fresh and germ-free environment.

Like other medical offices, dental care centers require professional cleaning services to provide a safe space for patients to undergo dental procedures. Our professional team understands dental office janitorial requirements very well, and can develop a cleaning schedule that includes thorough disinfection of your common spaces and treatment rooms. We use HEPA multi-filtration, high-efficiency vacuums and electrostatic dusting to gather as much material as the latest technology allows.

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